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Kezia Owusu-Ankomah secures multiple jobs with promotion after participating in ReadyforWork digital career accelerator cohort 4.

"I learned to believe in myself. I also learned how to use design thinking to drive innovation and essential social media marketing skills to drive sales, enhance audience engagement and build a community around a brand."


Kezia Owusu




Kezia Owusu has been in the arts and media industry for 12 years. After the pandemic, she needed to upskill and transform her career. She developed an interest in digital marketing, and after several hours of researching different online course platforms, she settled on applying to ReadyforWork digital career accelerator cohort 4.


Improve digital marketing skills while maintaining a full-time job as the Gallery manager at ADA contemporary art gallery in Accra, Ghana.

"With such a demanding job, Kezia sought a learning experience that provided accountability and guaranteed return on investment. This will ensure she doesn't have to take a hiatus from earning income to improve her skills. I wish I was 18 when I saw ReadyforWork digital career accelerator. I've been in the media and arts industry for 12 years. And I developed a new interest in digital marketing. The best platform I found was ReadyforWork." — Kezia Owusu-Ankomah


A platform that provides cutting edge education and tools to help you learn in-demand digital skills and be seen as higher value when looking for gainful and meaningful work.

"ReadyforWork was everything I’ve been looking for and much more. It helped me improve my competence, upgrade my resume, and become more relevant at my current job."

Within six weeks, Kezia learned fundamental digital marketing best practices through employer projects, skills development lessons, coach support, and peer-to-peer interactions. She also received an AI-optimized resume that combined her 12 years of industry experience to position her for more opportunities.

Kezia secured three job opportunities immediately after the ReadyforWork cohort, including a promotion at her current job. Now, Kezia supports ReadyforWork leaders as a coach on the digital platform.


  • Salary raise at current job
  • 3 job offers after ReadyforWork
  • 98% satisfaction with course experience
  • 100% improved confidence to pursue purposeful career

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