Everything we do is based on the simple premise that young people are smart and if given the skills and opportunities to engage the real world, magic will happen!


We help youths make a smooth transition from education to employment by equipping them with skills & connecting them to jobs.

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Whether you’re a student, job seeker, entrepreneur or someone in-between, we have a place for you in our community of Stars✨

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From mentorship to knowledge tools, we have everything you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

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SFAN events are perfect for making vital connections that move you forward & turn ideas into innovations. We’re the city’s finest!🎉

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Educational systems have not kept pace with the changing nature of work, resulting in many employers saying they cannot find enough workers with the skills they need. It is also estimated that 90% of all startups fail. Are you prepared? Do you have what it takes to thrive?

Insights from the blog

Education Today: How to Set Yourself Up for Success In An Age of Automation

Education is undergoing a remarkable transformation. While these transformation present unmistakable challenges to scholars on the continent, the promises are equally enormous! If you’re a student in Africa today, you should be worried – very worried. Why? The robots are coming and they’re taking over the workplace! Presently, factory, retail and repetitive manufacturing jobs are increasingly being automated to enhance […]

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3 Simple Steps to Conquering Failure

Have you ever put so much work into something and it failed? Have you ever missed a big opportunity? Have you ever been in a situation where it looks like you’re the dumbest person on the planet? I’ve been there, and I know it hurts. It hurts to throw yourself into something, and it doesn’t […]

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3 Proven Ways to Deal With Impostor Syndrome

“It wasn’t until the early part of 2017 that it dawned on me: impostor syndrome could follow me the rest of my life if I didn’t make a change!” Part of my job at SFAN – the one I enjoy so much – is being a connector: bringing innovators, thinkers, corporate executives, and co-dreamers together […]

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What People Said

As a mentor, I work with colleagues from across the globe — some of which I am yet to see in real life. However, it is important not to disregard face to face meet-ups. SFAN offers that platform to come in contact with potential new recruits during seminars. Through SFAN events, I’ve been able to polish my mentorship skills as well as expand my pool of mentees and my network of fellow entrepreneurs.
Angela Asante
Digital Marketer
I participated in SFAN’s Quantum Leap Career Fair which SFAN organized in collaboration with the British Council in April 2017. I must say that this has been one of the greatest opportunities in my life so far because my current position at GFA Consulting Limited came as a result of a recommendation from SFAN.
Prince Dogbe
Junior Associate, GFA Consulting
Great to see how far SFAN has come and how our partnership has grown over the years.
Looking forward to seeing how it further grows!
Paul Payne
Manager, British Council Skills Hub
I personally have participated in SFAN sessions to talk about our work at MEST and the opportunities we are creating for young entrepreneurs. The events provided me access to hundreds of the right type audience. I have been continually impressed with the work SFAN is doing in Ghana.
Todd Holcombe
ex-Senior Faculty Member, MEST Africa
I’m very excited about the potential of SFAN to spur youth entrepreneurship, skills development and capacity building of our future human capital. The passion and relentlessness of the team are infectious and I’m looking forward to seeing the realization of their vision.
Timothy Kotin
Co-Founder, SuperFluid Labs

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