Date – TBA

Venue – TBA

Time – 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Dress Code – Formal or Complete Traditional

We established SFAN Breakfast Meeting to provide a space for ambitious millennial entrepreneurs to spark meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals in an unprecedented setting and at non-prohibitive costs.


The breakfast has seen more than 500 guests gather to share pertinent business insights in six EPIC meetings, with 15 unique business opportunities created. SFAN Breakfast has become the go-to event for upwardly-mobile millennials looking to access new opportunities and discuss real business concepts, startup tactics, and growth strategies.


For this 7th edition themed wealth creation through real estate development, we shall explore the investment opportunities in real estate and how to create generational wealth.

Why Should You Participate?

Develop your subject matter expertise

The digital marketplace is brimming with talent nowadays. SFAN Breakfast gives you a premier platform to further develop your Subject Matter Expertise and become the top of mind in your field. Collaborating with us can also help you obtain actionable data, exclusive insights, and market opportunities for corporate transformation and industry leadership.

Expand your social capital

When it comes to 10X growth, successful entrepreneurs focus on the who and not the how. SFAN Breakfast is THE ONLY  millennial-focused breakfast meeting in Ghana where business-minded millennials at various career stages meet to engage in meaningful conversations and higher-level networking. Join globally-minded individuals and expand your social capital!




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