Unleashing Possibilities

Young Money Business Pitch

Are you a student at any Ghanaian University with a technology-based business or business idea?

Do you have what it takes to be Ghana’s next big business owner?

Apply now for the chance to pitch at Student Entrepreneurship Week Ghana! The winners will stand a chance of getting equity investment from Echo VC Partners, as well as up to $3K worth of business development and market opportunity support from Venture Capital for Africa, 3rdFloor Digital and Workshed Africa. They will also have the opportunity to join MEST Africa’s incubation program.

Applications open April 20th and close May 31st.


The judges will use the following evaluation criteria when reviewing the Young Money Business Pitch idea submission round:

  • Was a clear explanation of the business idea and value proposition provided?
  • Was justification of market potential included?
  • Was the proposition to investors clearly presented?
  • Is there a prototype or working description of the product/service?
  • How important is this product/service to customers and other stakeholders?
  • Does the information provided entice the audience to want to know more about the business?
  • Does the business have a team with sufficient knowledge of the problem being solved?

Final Presentation Judging Criteria

During the final pitch on event day, each entrepreneur gives a sharp five minute PowerPoint presentation followed by seven minutes of questions from the judges. The judges will score the teams in the following categories:

  • Value created by the new product/services.
  • Attractiveness of the market opportunity.
  • Competitive advantage of the proposed venture.
  • Operational and technology viability.
  • Capability of the management team.
  • Capital requirements and financial forecast.
  • Strength of the oratory and Power Point presentation.

The judges will deliberate at the conclusion of the YMBP and the top three businesses will be announced.

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