Why ReadyForWork Career Accelerator?

The Job Market is continually evolving, resulting in a mismatch of skills between education and industry requirement, insufficient jobs, and inadequate support systems. ReadyForWork Career Accelerator is an initiative of SFAN dedicated to addressing these issues by equipping young people with the skills and connections necessary to launch their careers – and helping recruiters make data-driven recruitment decisions.


With personalized educational content crafted by experts, one-on-one coaching, team conversations, and industry participation, learners are equipped with practical skills and exposed to real-world projects that empower them to take ownership of their career aspirations and grow in confidence that yields success!

Our Strategy

Education Collaborative

Education should be fun and practical, not dull and theoretical; we immerse our students into experiential learning through industry-driven learning modules and content design.

Career Coaching

Coaching is the oldest and most effective learning method; thought leaders quickly pass on their best practices and secrets to the next-gen through tailored guidance.

Jobs & Startup Support

We prioritize providing our students with pathways to the world of gainful employment to help them launch fulfilling careers in high growth companies or start profitable ventures.

Global Community

We understand that growing one's career largely depends on having the right kind of network, so we immerse our students in a top-tier community that makes magic happen!


ReadyForWork Career Coaching Program was a turning point in my life. I won the content writing award of $100 with a Smart Phone gift. The coaching program helped me to improve my skills, which resulted in my current employment. Thank you so much, SFAN, for your support!


SFAN gave me the greatest opportunity of my life so far, and that is my current job as a Senior Analyst at the Financial Advisory unit of GFA Consulting Ltd. I am grateful to the SFAN team for the Readyforwork Career Coaching Program and will happily recommend it to all.

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