About Readyforwork

The labor market is constantly evolving. Readyforwork Talent Accelerator is an initiative dedicated to equipping young people with the skills and connections necessary to launch their careers – and helping recruiters make data-driven recruitment decisions.


With personalized educational contents crafted by experts, one-on-one coaching, and team conversations, learners are equipped with practical skills and exposed to real-world projects that empower them to take ownership of their career aspirations and grow in confidence that yields success!


You will receive a range of courses and tools that can help you turn your passion into a business or career.

Our 6 Weeks Talent Accelerator


Proven concept

Our contents work, and we’ve proven that through a pilot program — with participants getting hired immediately


1-on-1 Coaching

You’ll be matched with an industry expert who will guide you all through the learning experience


Personalized education

A one-size-fits-all education is absolutely obsolete. Learn at your pace; learn smarter and faster


Experiential learning

Immerse yourself in experiential learning – education should be fun and practical, not boring and theoretical


Global community

Be a part of a vibrant community of budding innovators and thinkers like yourself and move your career forward


Jobs & startup support

Get all the help you need to turn your ideas into a sustainable business or make your dream job find you

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