Toro Orero to Deliver Keynote Address at Student Entrepreneurship Week Pan-Africa

Toro Orero to deliver keynote at student entrepreneurship week pan-Africa

Toro Orero to Deliver Keynote Address at Student Entrepreneurship Week Pan-Africa

Accra, Ghana (July 16, 2019)Toro Orero, Partner at QI Holdings will deliver the opening keynote on creating the future at the high-level conference of the inaugural Student Entrepreneurship Week Pan-Africa, Wednesday, July 24, at 10:30 a.m. GMT.

Program Information
WHAT: Keynote Address by Toro Orero
DATE: Wednesday, July 24, 2019
TIME: 10:30 a.m. GMT
VENUE: Ecobank Head Office, #2 Morocco Rd, Accra

Ticket for the high-level conference is available here.

Toro Orero will deliver the opening keynote at the high-level conference session of Student Entrepreneurship Week Pan-Africa. The conference will be a culmination of the entrepreneurship week and will receive participation from captains of industries, diplomats, community leaders, and the media.

Orero’s address will focus on “How to Create the Future and Own it.”

For so long, the narrative on Africa has been one of a resource curse. Although the fog is gradually lifting, the continent is still below the global average in human capital development. And, the majority of its youth population still struggles to find meaning sources of livelihood. This is evidenced in the quantum of young people leaving the continent each year in search of greener pastures.

In his speech, Orero will share with Student Entrepreneurship Week Pan-Africa guests how to reclaim the glory of the continent by creating the future they want – and owning it.

About Toro Orero:

Toro is a Partner at QI Holdings – an AI-focused venture building & operating company. At QI, they’re partnering with Africa’s brightest entrepreneurs to build a suite of ethical AI technology businesses that will power the future. Toro has a software engineering background, and over 11 years’ experience building, advising, and investing in several technology startups, and venture capital.

Most recently, he was Managing Partner, DDF Capital (an Africa focused silicon valley venture capital fund), where he led the fund’s early investments into some of Africa’s top startups (including Paystack, Sweepsouth, Tizeti). He has traveled widely, giving keynote speeches and panel sessions at major tech events in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Africa. Toro is personally passionate about education, kids, animals, and the future. He is also an avid speed chess player, a dedicated and practicing minimalist, a self-taught piano player, speaks conversational Spanish, and thinks he’s an Alien.

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