#SFANAt6 Highlights: Celebrating Six Years of Unlocking Potentials

#SFANAt6 Highlights: Celebrating Six Years of Unlocking Potentials

“The way I got to where I am today is by putting my skills before me & managing them; by making up my mind to be the best of me. I don’t know what your best is but I’ve chosen to be my best. And so I know that if we can empower one young person, s/he will go on to empower her/his community.” – Tom-Chris Emewulu, SFAN President.

Friday, October 11, was a double celebration as we rounded off the second cohort of Readyforwork Career Coaching Program and celebrated the sixth anniversary of SFAN. Over the past six weeks, our trainees were groomed on career readiness skills that’ll be most useful to employers in the future.

The program came to an exciting closure as participants activated their learnings in a writing contest. Below are some of the highlights of the brilliant meeting.

Office Hour with Joseph Albert Kuuire, Founder of TechNova and Eloina Baddoo, Sales Account Manager at Delta Air Lines.

Awarding of the Most Outstanding Participant and Winner of Readyforwork Writing Contest.

Ms. Huda Ibrahim won the Readyforwork Writing Contest (essay yet to be published) and was also rewarded with a free Smartphone by Ms. Tracy Kyei, Marketing Manager at Samsung Ghana as the most outstanding participant of this cohort of the career coaching program.

“SFAN is giving people a platform to share their experiences and for others to gain meaningful information and direction that could be life-changing. This is a positive impact and I am glad to support their work.” – Tracy Kyei, Marketing Executive, Samsung Ghana.

Launch of the Global Edition of Student Entrepreneurship Week

Student Entrepreneurship Week is going global! Recall, the Ghana edition of the entrepreneurship week brought together some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs from Ghana, Nigeria, Silicon Valley, and the U.K at British Council for two days of alternative education and inspiration. And then, in the month of July this year, we decided to scale the program to the rest of the continent – assembling young people from around the continent, ad beyond, at Ecobank Head Office for three powerful days of education, excitement, and palpable camaraderie. Read more about the pan-African edition here. By the way, it was also featured on Forbes.

Now, we are poised to go global for the 2020 edition. We want to put young people at the center stage in exploring solutions to the most pressing problems facing the world in the next decade. By now you do know that SFAN events usually exceed all expectations. But get this, this edition of Student Entrepreneurship Week is going to be different from every event you’ve ever attended! For partnership and more information, please contact us via partnerships@sfanonline.org.

“The year 2020 is the beginning of one of the most important decades in all of human history, and by 2030 one in five people on the planet will be African. We want to provide the platform for young people to be vitally involved in global discussions and exploring solutions to the most pressing problems of the world.” – Tom-Chris Emewulu, SFAN President.

Cutting of SFANAt6 Cake and more

Many thanks to all of you that have supported our efforts in unlocking the potentials of young people. We look forward to doing much more with you in this next phase of our work!

Atsupi Davoh, Experience Design & Partnerships Director, SFAN

SFAN partners with companies, international development agencies, governments, charitable foundations, and individuals to unlock the potentials of young people and create a forceful, global ecosystem of innovators. Learn more about how to partner with us here.

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