Ayesha Bedwei: Ghana’s entrepreneurship landscape is exciting at this time

Ayesha Bedwei: Ghana’s entrepreneurship landscape is exciting at this time

As part of our preparations towards the sixth edition of SFAN Business Breakfast Meeting taking place at Silver Star Tower on December 7, we had an interview with one of our expert panelists, Ayesha Bedwei – Tax Partner and Africa Diversity & Inclusion Leader at PwC. In this interview, we asked her 4 key questions with a focus on entrepreneurship, networking for progress, distinguishing yourself in the marketplace, and advice to her 25-year-old self. Below are her responses in video and text, enjoy!

Views on Ghana’s entrepreneurship landscape

Ghana’s entrepreneurship landscape is actually quite exciting at this point in time. There are a number of private entrepreneurship programs that help entrepreneurs in the area of finance and funding. Not just that but also mentorship and coaching. The government is also doing their part, and in fact, today in the news, I saw they’re contributing to putting together a fund for entrepreneurs. So, it’s quite an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Ghana.

Importance of networking for career growth and how to create a great network

So I can’t overemphasize the importance of networking for building your career. Building your career is really just based on developing relationships, which is what networking is about. As human beings, we’re relational people. So, taking that step to seek out the people who can help you achieve your goal – people who are actually doing things you want to do – is really important. It’s a step-by-step process. And in my view, you first have to identify the people who are doing the things you want to do and seek them out through Social Media platforms – which are readily available. Then you approach them: which is something many people are afraid to do. But, you know, don’t be shy; walk up to them, ask them for help and you might be surprised they’ll be willing to help you.

Distinguishing yourself in today’s competitive marketplace

In my personal opinion, and what I do as well, the best way to distinguish yourself in this very competitive marketplace is to find a problem that exists and solve it. And, really, that should be linked with your passion or interest. If it’s something you’re naturally interested in doing, it’ll be easy for you to follow that path. So, find a problem, tie it up to your interest and go ahead and solve it.

Advice to your 25-year-old self

If I were to talk to a 25-year-old Ayesha, I would tell her: first of all to not stress too much. And, to always take time to reflect on all the things she’s done – because she was actually doing quite well – and not to be too hard on herself.

About Ayesha Bedwei

Ayesha helps energy companies manage their tax affairs efficiently, speaks to young people about their career choices, and promotes diversity in the workplace. Ayesha understands the importance of good communication and the impact this has on forming lasting relationships.

By age 11, Ayesha had attended 6 schools in 5 countries – An experience which she credits as influencing her inclusive style of communication. In her speaking and writing engagements, where she covers a wide range of topics from tax to corporate responsibility, Ayesha brings her experience to bear by discussing complex technical concepts in simple terms in order to connect with her audience and make a lasting impression.

Ayesha is also the founder and content creator for careers advisory blog, careers1825.com which is targeted at people between the ages of 18 and 25 and 5taxminutes.com, which discusses tax matters in an easy-to-understand format. She is the incoming President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ghana.

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