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Welcoming participants to Student Entrepreneurship Week Ghana

Determined to change the economic fortunes of Ghana, the government of His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has undertaken several bold initiatives to promote the growth and development of entrepreneurship and job creation in Ghana. But, what does the future hold for entrepreneurs in Ghana? How can multi-stakeholder collaborations go beyond rhetorics, to progressively creating opportunities for young innovators? And what is the contribution of the government in building local capacity and facilitating sustainable development?

Speaker: Hon. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, Ghana’s Minister for Business Development

In a world of rapid technological, social and economic changes, Africa’s growth will depend on educating a new generation of leaders. However, educational systems in Africa have not kept pace with the changing nature of work, resulting in many employers not finding enough workers with the skills they need. What are the pathways for the future of higher education and skills development in Africa?

Speaker: Professor Anthony Jarvis, Provost, Lancaster University Ghana

Most of us are unaware that we can change our imprints and change the internal maps that lead our lives. We often believe, “this is just my life, the way it is.” That is far from the truth. The international thought leader, Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship Mentor, and Tony Robbins Trainer, Gina Kloes, will lead you on a journey of unleashing your greatness through her transformative Game Changer Moment.

Refreshments, networking opportunity & Close.


Welcome, registration & networking.

Welcoming participants to Student Entrepreneurship Week Ghana

As our world globalizes, so does our workplace. We are able to build businesses, form teams, and attract clients with people who live all the way across the world. But, how does globalization impact the workplace and social relationships? Do employees feel the same level of commitment within virtual workplaces? What are the effects of virtual workplaces on organizational culture and communication? How can workers develop skills to meet the needs of an evolving marketplace? What does the rise of the freelance economy mean for the future of work? What is intrapreneurship and how relevant is it for the future of work?


Ms. Liz Grossman, Co-Founder, Baobab Consulting

Mr. Abdullahi Mohammed, Forbes Contributor
Mr. Andy Mensah, Human Resource Partner, IBM
Mr. Edem Kumodzi, Senior Consultant, Andela

Moderator: Ms. Lakeshia Marie, Founder, Ford Communications

Business Development is the link that connects all the internal segments of a company to the external ones. For this session, we shall critically examine the following aspects of business development: Design Thinking, Corporate Innovation, Legal Structures, Corporate governance, Team Design.


Mr. Carl Manlan, CEO, Ecobank Foundation
Mr. Sam Carter-Mensah, Senior Experience Designer, Digital McKinsey
Mr. Selorm Abrantie, Strategy Director, mPedigree Network
Mr. Dela Kumahor, Independent Consultant

Moderator: Ms. Kelechi Uduagwu, Co-Founder, Skrife

Virtual Reality:




Online Privacy/Data Security – Delta 3

About: Delta3 is a UK listed expert in I.T Solution Architecture, Cybersecurity and Risk mitigation, working with governments and businesses in Europe and Africa to protect their brand, value and reputation against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Scalability is the ability of a startup to grow. As an entrepreneur, the real work begins when you start to grow and scale your company. Some startups get off the ground without the right systems, people, or mindset in place. This session will help you learn how to move from $0 in revenue to hundreds of thousands of dollars by critically examining the following subjects: Growth Hacking, Speed, Media and Storytelling, Digital Marketing, Going global.

Ms. Afua Osei, Co-Founder, She Leads Africa
Mr. Cedric Pierre-Louis, General Manager, Kwesé Free TV Free Sports Ghana
Ms. Bertha Logan, Founder, Lumiere Couture
Mr. Sydney Sam, Founder, Workspace Global

Moderator: Ms. Lakeshia Marie, Founder, Ford Communications

We have entered into a new era for innovation and technology that is full of unmeasurable potential and opportunity. No matter the size of your business, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand. For this session, we shall take a deep dive at the following subjects: Product Design, Prototyping, Future Technology, Artificial Intelligence.

Mr. Timothy Kotin, Co-Founder, SuperFluid Labs
Ms. Ethel Cofie, Founder, Edel Technology Consulting
Mr. Raindolf Owusu, Co-Founder, Oasis Websoft
Mr. Jorge Appiah, Co-Founder, Kumasi Hive

Mr. Ibrahim Misto, Founder & CEO at BBCON

Moderator: Ms. Kelechi Uduagwu, Co-Founder of Skrife

While women in Ghana are more likely than men to participate in informal micro- to medium-sized entrepreneurial activities in Ghana, they still face significant obstacles. There have been conscious efforts by the government, with other donor support, towards implementing a programme of market reforms, aimed at promoting women’s entrepreneurship (Wiki Gender). This session is an informal woman-to-woman conversation on what it takes to be a woman in business.

Facilitator: Ms. Akosua Annobil, Founder, AB2020 & Tech in Ghana Conference

Confirmed Mentors:

Mr. Francis Obirikorang, CEO & Co-Founder, Agrocenta

Ms. Harmony Attise, Founder, Commec Ghana Ltd

Mr. David Asiamah, Founder, Agro Mindset

Mr. Ibrahim Misto, Founder & CEO at BBCON


Welcome, registration & networking.

Welcoming participants to SFAN Business Breakfast Meeting – The Graduation

Startups in Ghana raised about $20.4M in 2017, an improvement from the $8.67M raised the previous year. Despite this remarkable improvement in startup funding, undercapitalization remains one of the leading causes of business failure in Ghana. This session will shed lights on how entrepreneurs can raise capital for their businesses, with a major focus on Venture Capital, Your First $100k – $1M, Term Sheets, Pricing & Valuation, Negotiation & Deal Closing.


Ms. Josephine Faal, CEO & Co-Founder, Smart & Savvy Women
Mr. Eric Osiakwan, 
Managing Partner, Chanzo Capital

Ms. Damilola Thompson, Corporate Counsel, EchoVC Partners
Mr. Kelvin Nyame, Co-Founder/CEO, Meqasa

Moderator: Ms. Leticia Browne, Director, Intelligent Capital Group

In partnership with Echo VC Partners, MEST Africa, Venture Capital for Africa, 3rdFloor Digital and WorkShed, we are looking for Ghana’s next big business owners. The winners will stand a chance of getting equity investment as well as up to $3K worth of business development and market opportunity support. They will also have the opportunity to join MEST Africa’s incubation program.

Each entrepreneur will give a sharp five minute PowerPoint presentation followed by seven minutes of questions from the judges.The judges will score the teams and the top three businesses will be announced

The judges will deliberate at the conclusion of the YMBP and the top three businesses will be announced.

Our top three winners will stand a chance of joining MEST Africa’s incubation program, getting equity investment from Echo VC Partners, and will get up to $3K worth of business development and market opportunity support from VC4Africa, 3rdfloor Digital, and WorkShed (Terms & Conditions Apply).

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