13 Powerful Quotes from George Sarpong’s Keynote at Quantum Leap Career Fair 2019

13 Powerful Quotes from George Sarpong’s Keynote at Quantum Leap Career Fair 2019

According to the World Bank’s head of operation Dr. Beatrix Allah-Mensah, Ghana needs to create over 300,000 jobs every year to be able to deal with the unemployment situation in the country.

With this understanding, we invited Mr. George Sarpong, the M.D of Kosmos Innovation Center and Corporate Affairs Director of Kosmos Energy, to lead a keynote speech on new pathways for job creation in Ghana at Quantum Leap Career Fair 2019. His speech was practical and memorable.

George Sarpong, M.D of Kosmos Innovation Center and Corporate Affairs Director of Kosmos Energy

Below are 13 powerful quotes we took away from the session:

  • If you remain in your comfort zone, that is hundred percent failure. Reach within you and apply all the things that make you as a person. Our Good Lord didn’t create anyone to suffer. We all have it within us to make things happen!
  • You have to have fire in your belly – you want it so bad, that fire is burning and you need to do something with it. That is what should drive you.
  • I always believe the best way to success is actually, applying the passion that you have within you because that’s what will propel you to be good at something. Just use it, take a chance!
  • Be innovative, look around your environment; there are several things that can be improved. There’s nothing that hasn’t been done. The only thing is people are finding better ways of doing things. And that is what you have to look at.

Sarpong Giving a Keynote at Quantum Leap Career Fair 2019

  • Any challenge that you have right now, think, everybody else perhaps is facing the same challenge. So you ask yourself; ‘can I find a better way of doing this?’ And that is the beginning of the journey.
  • Develop the art of entrepreneurship – create need-based solutions…create jobs for others like you and you’d be a hero.
  • Open your mind and embrace a changing career climate. Often than not, people will go to college and find it difficult to appreciate they can do something other than an office job.
  • Hone your problem-solving skills. Start thinking of how you can sell your skills to companies and get paid for that. You have to own your talent so you can do the delivery.
  • Think about an educated college student who wants to be a plumber: you have an edge over that guy who doesn’t have the discipline.
  • A time is coming and it’s starting soon when companies will no longer hire anybody. They’re going to outsource the work. Everybody will be a freelancer.

George Sarpong

  • Whether you’re a plumber, a mechanic, an office executive or whatever, the income you get, the money you make is the same. The world is changing – open up your mind and get to the problem; things are changing.
  • My mother taught me to always do my job as if someone is going to test me on it. My job proves to you that I can deliver.
  • Leverage your network, people are attracted to success. All you need is one break, therefore, keep pushing!

Quantum Leap Career Fair 2019 Keynote Speaker, George Sarpong

Quantum Leap Career Fair is an annual entry-level career fair organized by SFAN with support from British Council Ghana. The aim of the event is to connect job seekers and employers face-to-face; as well as help participants spur meaningful career conversations. The event also provides a platform for participants to gather information on career options, build a network of contacts with peers and industry leaders, identify job openings or secure an interview.

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