4 Keys To Help You Thrive In The New Year

4 Keys To Help You Thrive In The New Year

The reason for the failure of many New Year resolutions and goals is because they are not anchored on a clear vision.– Femi Banigbe.

To help us explore how anyone can position himself/herself to thrive in the New Year, we hosted two business leaders: Femi Banigbe, Managing Partner, Silver Rock Technologies, and Akosua Annobil, Founder, AB2020 at the second edition of #SFANLiveChat.

Here are four takeaways from the chat:

4 simple steps to achieving success in the New Year.

First, create a vision for the year, not just goals.

“When your dream is big enough, the odds don’t matter.”— Les Brown.

Many people confuse goal setting with wishful thinking, Femi says. “A goal is simply a plan with a timeline while a wish is a fantasy without clear intention. Achieving your goals this year will require you to define your objectives clearly.”

But, to translate your wishes into concrete, actionable goals, you need to be intentional about what it is you want.

Being intentional in your goal setting requires that you “define exactly what those goals are, what the purpose behind them is, and define the bigger objective. What are your goals linked to? If you can anchor them onto a bigger purpose, you’re more likely to stick to them. Identify the people and activities you truly want in your life. Make quality plans and put dates in the diary,” Akosua explains.

When you have a clearly defined vision for why you want to do what you plan to do, you get to strengthen your resolve.

Your vision gives you the why, a purpose for what you’re doing, and your purpose backs your goal.

Second, leverage relationships and technology.

AB2020 is one of the premier carriers of global business news, events, missions, and Africa-focused business content. A key component of Akosua’s success strategy with this venture is leveraging relationships and technology. At the end of the day, she says, “business is relationships. Networking is a must! But, it’s not a one-way street. What do you bring to the room?” Building strategic alliances with people that are pursuing similar goals with you is of vital importance.

On technology, Akosua noted that tech had provided tools, platforms, apps, and other resources to enhance productivity at little cost. But “as much as leveraging mobility and collaboration tools is important, most of the time what you need are simple tech-based tools that can help you focus, plan, learn and manage execution. Don’t make the mistake of complicating your life with advanced tech tools. The key phrase to remember is ‘Keep it simple,’” Femi highlights.

Third, create a balance.

Be flexible and don’t be unrealistic. Sometimes we need to work a bit harder and sometimes rest a bit longer.

person writing on paper

Before co-founding Silver Rock Technologies, Femi worked for different fortune 500 companies in different executive positions, including the Network Support Group Manager at Ericsson, Director of Operations at Airtel Nigeria, the Chief Operations Officer Millicom Ghana, etc. At each of these levels, he always managed to find extra times to contribute to the community by either serving as a leadership and life coach or as a motivational speaker at conferences across Africa.

“The question of balance can be elusive to many,” he explains. “It’s simply focusing on what is important at each phase of your life. Balance requires self-management – ensuring that you are in control of how you use and invest your time. It involves giving appropriate amounts of attention, time, energy, and resources to important life aspects. Be flexible, and don’t be unrealistic. Sometimes we need to work a bit harder and sometimes rest a bit longer.

Fourth, think as big you can, but start small.

“Every artist was first an amateur.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Akosua’s job at AB2020 involves being the eyes and ears for what’s going on in the African business space and inclusively communicating this. This could be a daunting task sometimes. She believes that to avoid being overwhelmed by your goal, you must “do whatever you can with what you have. Ask others to help…whatever you do, don’t focus on what you haven’t got!”

“Having BIG dreams and NO resources are common excuses people make,” Femi says, “big dreams are achieved in small steps. The resources you need to take the first step in achieving your big dreams are available to you if you look deeper. You have all it takes to take the first step towards your dreams. The first step opens a door that leads to many doors.”


If you want to thrive this year, you need to focus. “Your plan will need your attention, and this may require sacrifices. To quote one of my favorite songs, ‘life is what you make it.’ Whatever you have planned for the year, start today,” Akosua emphasizes.

“This year, like every year is full of opportunities, go all out to succeed,” Femi concludes.

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