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The alternative education company for the youth!

SFAN is an education company that unlocks the potentials of young people through EPIC events and a 6-weeks talent accelerator program called Readyforwork. With these tools, young people receive personalized, actionable and coach support to launch their businesses or careers.

Our Story

Although there have been tremendous improvements in economic activities and business practices in Africa, the challenge lies in integrating youths into the workforce. Obviously, there is a big disconnect because, inasmuch as the economy is expanding and domestic demand is increasing, job creation and access to opportunities are not, hence the growing youth unemployment rate in Africa.


SFAN was, therefore, established with a precise vision to raise the next generation of African leaders through the accomplishment of the following goals:


Help young people have a smooth transition from education to employment through mentorship, capacity building, and job/internship placement.


Offer opportunities for young people to turn their passions into businesses by creating platforms for networking, skills development, and funding.


Build a forceful, global ecosystem of change agents by providing platforms for like-minded creators and innovators to connect and communicate with each other.

Our Values


Our intention is to continually create magic moments for our clients and deliver our services to high standards.


We deliver on our promise, we follow through, we are progressive always and in everything.


We are a nimble, forward-thinking, and decisive organization that encourages its employees to be unconventional.

Team Work

We believe that a team is nothing but the sum of its members hence we always strive to work as one big happy unit.


Our work is based on principles, our company is rooted in a strong moral foundation.


We believe that talent is universal. Therefore, we’re building a community that helps young people access opportunities everywhere.

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